Beaded Spirit

You can see some of my more current pieces on Facebook: my home page, Kathy Kershaw, and/or Beaded Spirit. I manage to post photos from some of the shows while we are on the road. There you can see what may still be available - of course only if it hasn't already sold!


But you may ask:

 How can I see AND purchase


 your work online?


In a word - Etsy

I've set-up an Etsy account and intend to list some pieces occasionally during my "off season".

That "off season" would be during the months while I am primarily focused on making more of my one-of-a-kind pieces :) 

Listings may or may not not happen during in any given year. 


It's best to shop for my work at a show. There you can see, touch, smell the wonderful leathers, and try it on to check that everything fits for you.


If you just can not make it to a show, try Etsy. Something listed may be exactly what you want.

Please note, during my show season (early July until after Christmas) it is very unlikely I will have work available anywhere other than at a show.

Until then, check my Etsy site:

I'm blowing out the "Paul and Taylor" purses I used to sell. These have been stored in my studio (completely finished) for almost two years. Supply is only what I have on hand. I have more bags/styles to list, but, none in these same popular styles. Take advantage of my first time ever - SALE - 20% off the regular price! Etsy -