Beaded Spirit

NOTICE:  Due to the physical difficulty required to make each of my Spirit Animal necklaces I am no longer producing them. Thank you for your continued interest and understanding. Warmest regards, Kathy

 Spirit Animal Necklaces

I lovingly hand make each Spirit Animal using fine deer suede and decorate them with old-style bead work. Traditional trade goods such as genuine antique glass trade beads and an Indian Head penny hang from leather fringes dangling from a brass trade-thimble. The thimble is stamped with my touchmark, a pair of back-to-back K initials. A cone with a tuft of real hair from each animal or trade ribbon completes the bead bundle. The bundle serves as your offering to empower and honor the animal. A painted red arrow "Heart-line" represents the breath path to the magical power in the Animal's heart. The eyes are sky blue bead to denote the Animal is a helper of the the Spirit World. The Spirit Animal is suspended from a leather thong embellished with additional antique glass trade beads.

You may choose to wear one around your neck, or hang it on your wall, or a bit of both. Each Spirit Animal includes a tag with the traditional spiritual attributes of your chosen Animal(s) as follows:

BADGER                 Herb Medicine, Tenacity, Organization, Self-reliance

BEAR                     Dream time, Inner Strength and Wisdom, Healer

BEAVER                 Dream Builder, Teamwork, Family, Industriousness

BISON                   Divine Path, Abundance, Health, Gratitude

BOBCAT                Psychic Arts, Independence, Privacy, Secrets

COYOTE                Keeper of Magic, Teacher, Jokester, Mischief

DEER                     Heightened Perception, Gentleness, Innocence, Kindness

EAGLE                   Sacred Messenger, Balance of Heaven and Earth, Vision

ELK                       The Quest,  Stamina, Co-operation, Companionship

FOX                      Shape-shifting, Cleverness, Cunning, Adaptability

HORSE                  New Journeys, Power, Freedom, Travel

LIZARD                 Intuition, Facing Difficulties, Breaking Free, Dreaming

MOOSE                 Shared Joy, Wisdom, Balance, Self Esteem

MTN. LION            Balanced Leadership, Strength, Grace, Resourcefulness

OTTER                  Inner Child, Playfulness, Joy, Trust

PRONGHORN         Clairvoyance, Decisiveness, Timing, Action

RABBIT                 Life Force, Vigilance, Fleetness, Productivity

RAVEN                  Ceremonial Magic, Clairvoyance, Healing, Omen of Change

SNAKE                  Protector, Transformation, Rebirth, Curative Power

TURTLE                Mother Earth, Longevity, Shields, Grounding

WOLF                   Ritual, Loyalty, Teacher, Self-confidence

You can wear a Spirit Animal to honor the Animal in your heart. You may ask for the energies of a particular Animal to come help you. You may pick one simply because you like it! Perhaps you will choose more than one Animal to suit your different needs, desires, or moods. It is up to you. Spirit Animals make unique, thoughtful gifts. Each includes a creation story telling much about the symbolism I've included in them.

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